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ClickTime simply cuts costs -- no server, no database, no support staff

ClickTime Web Timesheet works great for both small business and enterprises Avoid the overhead costs and headaches associated with building your own timesheet solution! With no software to install, your company can start tracking time and expenses immediately from any internet-connected computer. So, whether you've got 5 users, 50 users, or 500 users, ClickTime Web Timesheet will always fit your needs. Sign up for your Free 30-Day Trial today!

ClickTime makes time tracking fast, simple and incredibly easy to manage

Entering time for an entire week is easy with our streamlined Week View interface

Timesheets are literally nothing without time entries, so we've made every effort to create the most straightforward time entry interface possible. From quick drop-downs to intuitive type-ahead entry, we've got the simple-to-use features you're going to love!

ClickTime keeps you in command and up-to-date with Dashboard displays

The heads-up dashboard display and comprehensive reporting make timesheet management a breeze for managers.

Whether you crave simple or comprehensive reporting, our Web Timesheet makes fantastic reports that look as great on paper as they do on screen. Need a custom report for your company? With our Report Builder option, you can create your very own report, save it once, and use it over and over!

Don't let project estimation or budgets get the best of you. Stay on top of your budget and estimates with heads-up project tracking dashboards and easy-to-run custom reports.

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ClickTime is designed to work with QuickBooks. Questions? Chat with us.

Let our customers tell you why they chose ClickTime Web Timesheet:

“ClickTime was a snap to set up, and it is a bona fide dream for our department. The website's design is clean and simple to navigate. Timekeeping has gotten a lot easier since we hooked up with ClickTime.”

—Maggie S., Minnesota Public Radio

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Timesheets can be easier. ClickTime Web Timesheet gives you enterprise-class time and expense tracking at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions — and without an IT investment. Enjoy total visibility of your workforce, their activities, and their efficiency.

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Our users praise ClickTime Web Timesheet for its ease of use, speedy performance, and easy-to-remember URL. Why install a new server, a database? Instead, just type "clicktime" into any browser. Secure, reliable time and expense tracking, timesheet approvals, and management reports are at your fingertips wherever you are.

Plus, ClickTime is much less expensive than "home-made" timesheet software.

For tracking employee time, ClickTime Web Timesheet is the ideal choice for:

...or any enterprise where project-based time tracking is required.

Try our no obligation, full-featured 30 day free trial today!

A Timesheet that Works

ClickTime Web Timesheet offers an entire suite of time tracking functionality so intuitive that no computer knowledge is required — Every day, companies around the world use ClickTime Web Timesheet to keep timesheets for 5 workers or 5000.

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